Functional Patterns training represents an informed approach to movement, sports training and corrective exercise that respects the science of fascial slings. It is a system that makes humans functional movers so that they permanently get rid of pain, move well and feel well doing it!


We don't do traditional lifting or mobility, yet our clientele are getting strong, more mobile and feeling better daily.  Group sessions provide an opportunity to train with like-minded people in the Functional Patterns style.


Class schedule: 


Angela: Monday @ noon-1pm

Anthony: Wednesday @ 5:30-6:30pm

Chris: Thursday @ noon-1pm


Rates are $50hr per person, a minimum purchase of 5 weeks is required, no cancelations, and at least two-three clients are necessary to train per group. Click the button below to learn how to join!

*Virtual Training is offered for existing clients, occasionally.


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