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The Team

Who We Are

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Anthony Baccam

Co-owner & Trainer

I am Anthony Baccam, one of three co-owners at MOVEWELL. Being involved in athletics most my life--mainly wrestling and mixed martial arts (from amateur to professional)--movement, health, and fitness have always been a passion of mine.


I started personal training professionally in 2012, but since before then I have been in an endless pursuit of learning how to optimize the performance and resilience of the human body. I've learned to do so in many ways by integrating cutting edge methodologies which have given me the tools to be able to help people beyond what they thought was possible.


My intentions are to not only help clients crush their goals and improve their health and fitness in multiple areas, but to also educate them to be able to sustain a path of longevity and constant growth resulting in no plateaus.

Christopher Chapman

Co-owner & Trainer

I have over 12 years of Personal Training experience. I always knew I wanted to help people and this route gave me the ability to combine that with my appreciation for health. I have always searched for the most efficient methods to relieve pain, while getting people to move efficiently. These methods, since learned and practiced now, have resulted in a confidence to get clients moving pain free and allowing them to strive for whatever goal they have in life. I look forward to helping anyone and everyone achieve the same!

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Trey Rozenkranz


Firmly believing that fitness and wellness are achieved by balancing mind, body and spirit, Trey has dedicated 24 years to building a diverse repertoire of fitness, athletic and healing techniques. Along with his Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology (Physical Therapy emphasis), his years of working in the health/fitness industry, and his numerous certifications, Trey attributes his effectiveness to his practical experience with clients and his extensive informal training. During his years living in Vancouver and Ontario, Trey had the unique opportunity to work closely with industry and spiritual leaders in strength and conditioning, physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic, active release therapy, naturopathy, nutrition, reiki, tai chi and shamanism. Applying the valuable techniques he learned, Trey built the foundation of his practice – a holistic health program tailored to meet individual needs.

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