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Practicing exclusively Functional Patterns

Pain. Posture. Performance.

MoveWell Iowa is a private personal training, human optimization lab located at 225 NW 18th St, Suite 108 in North Ankeny, IA.  We are the only certified Functional Patterns practitioner gym in Iowa providing state of the art service and methods that produce results.

Owned and operated by Christopher Chapman, Anthony Baccam and Angela Beckwith, MoveWell Iowa is in the business of helping people.  We offer a "no excuses" approach to physical training that honors how humans are designed to move.  

Pain, posture, performance, fat loss, mobility, strength, etc--we have the tools to help you succeed because Functional Patterns training is for everyone: young, old, athlete or desk jockey, overweight or fit.


Please reach out--there's no time like the present!